All You Need to Know Now About Nashi Argan Hair Products

Nashi Product

Nashi Argan Hair Products at Vitality


If you haven’t heard about the classic Nashi Argan products then you are in for a good surprise. Nashi Argan hair products are effective organic hair products with professional results.
The range of Nashi products is now available at Vitality Salon Maida Vale. So this article is designed to let the readers know why we promote the brand and what’s distinguishes it from hundreds of other brands. The made-in Italy cosmetic brand has earned a lot of popularity for all the effectiveness they offer.

Nashi Argan: Made in Italy Cosmetic Brand


The brand was created in 2010 from years of experience in professional hair and beauty care of Landoll group. It’s a ray of hope for people in quest of high-quality products that truly work.

Since its inception, the brand has strived to make its products safe for humans, animals as well as the environment. From incorporating 100% certified organic oils in their products to packaging them in recyclable products, the brand stays committed to reducing its environmental footprint. 

Free from parabens, phosphates, sodium chlorides, and sulfates, all their body and hair products are produced in their environmentally friendly facilities in Italy.

Everyone with an intention to make this world a better place for the upcoming generation wants to engage with ethically and environmentally responsible brands, thus narrowing down the option.

Every hair and skincare enthusiast will know how stressful it is to find a useful product that really serves its purpose. The environmental impact of these mass-produced cosmetic products cannot be overlooked too. 

Vitality Salon Maida Vale:  Nashi Argan Hair Products’s Authorised Reseller

Since its beginning, Vitality Salon Maida Vale has been on a mission to deliver the best services and use only organic and safe products for its customers. We provide a tailor-made experience for each customer and strived to meet their demands and requirements. With other hair services like highlights, balayage, and other types of hair coloring, we offer a range of hair treatments to preserve the natural shine and health of your hair. Besides grabbing them from any other prominent store, Nashi products are available at Vitality as well.

Their exclusive collection of Nashi Hair Products includes these two organic oils.

Argan Oil

Hailing from Morocco, Argan oil is power-packed with essential nutrients and has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.

Flaxseed extracted linseed oil

Rich in Fatty Acids and Omega-3, oil is best for brittle hair and hair regrowth.

Nashi Argan Products

Classic Nashi Argan Hair Products

Finding hair care with certified organic ingredients is not low-hanging fruit. After thorough research and shortlisting products for all the effectiveness, Vitality Salon Maida Vale found Nashi’s product nothing but genuine and promising. The best part of having Nashi Argan products is that they are safe and perfect even if you have gone through several haircare treatments.

Besides, their range of useful products for the body, check out these hair care products from the Nashi Argan hair care category.

Nashi Argan Shampoo

We can’t be more proud of our stock.  The shampoo is the fundamental element of any hair care routine, and Nashi Argan Shampoo is an ideal formula designed for everyday use. 

The shampoo is fit for all hair types and entirely purifies and moisturizes the hair. People with damaged, brittle, or color-treated hair can easily use the shampoo without concerns. 

Nashi Argan Oil

Nashi Argan Oil is not any other traditional oil that needs to be rinsed off after use. For a supreme glow, repair, and nourishment of hair, the oil is prescribed. the oil gives shine and volume to your hair:  an ultimate solution for quick styling. Users can style their hair in less than 10 min and, above all, get protection against UV rays.

Nashi Argan Instant

Nashi Argan Instant is a premium detangling spray created with a light formula providing extensive benefits and comfort to the users. It’s a kind of leave-in conditioner that you don’t need to rinse.  

Style in any way and you are ready to go. The hairs are soft and easy to manage. It protects hair from frizz, prevents split ends, and revitalizes thin strands. 

Nashi Argan Conditioner

This is another star product from the luxurious haircare range with excellent detangling properties. It is very suitable to nourish dull and damaged hair due to repeated coloring and the use of chemicals. combined with  Nashi Argan Shampoo, this conditioner is a must-have for your daily hair care. Apply gently to towel-dried hair, massage for at least 3 min, and experience a soft feel and vibrancy in the hair.

Nashi Argan Deep Infusion

For nourishing hairs on stressful days and to keep them healthy and strong, this Deep Infusion mask from Nashi Argan is a classic choice. The product delivers immediate effects and hydrates hair in just 7 minutes. Give conditioners a break and try this Deep Infusion mask that penetrates and nourishes hair to bring the desired shine and structure altogether, avoiding the hair weighing down.

Nashi Filler Therapy

Vitality is proud to offer Nashi Filler Therapy. It’s a collagen-based professional treatment to reconstruct your hair structure. The filler therapy is nothing less than any expensive keratin treatment for your hair. This therapy reconstructs, restores, and stimulates hair fibers.

Nashi Filler therapy can help you manage your unruly hairs, make them stronger, softer, and restore the damage done by chemical treatments. The products contain key ingredients like Keratin, collagen, stem cells, and elastin.  Nashi offers both salon and home use products.

Vitality salon not only offers the complete Nashi Filler Therapy to be used at home but has trained staff that carries out the sessions. Our trained staff carry out the three-step therapy sessions for customers almost on daily basis with nothing but positive feedback from our customers. So book an appointment for revitalizing your hair.

Final Words

Nashi Hair Products is an incredible range for hair growth and nourishment. Get this range of luxurious hair care products at Vitality Salon Maida Vale today and feel free to pamper yourself.

Know All About Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Now

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

LashUs Vitality

Do you have stubborn lashes that are naturally short and pointed downwards? Vitality salon Maida Vale offers a permanent solution with its Lash lift and Brow Lamination procedure.

Lash lift and Brow lamination is a keratin treatment for your thin eyebrows. No more glues or artificial lashes when the treatment gives you fuller and well-shaped eyebrows permanently.  The treatment promises fuller and natural-looking eyebrows without any frizz or odd shape.

We at Vitality offer the treatment under our expert team that has been carrying out the procedure on numerous clients every month with beautiful results for our happy customers. 

This article is designed to help you understand the treatment, its benefits, and how we do it at Vitality. We have tried to answer all your questions relating to the procedure.

Are Lash Lift And Brow lamination the same?

Lash lift is designed for women who want to get rid of their extension eyelashes and want to look natural. The procedure involves applying keratin serums to the cuticles. You can get luscious eyebrows without any drama or made-up look. 

The complete treatment treats your eyelashes and eyebrows. The purpose of treatment is to make them look perfect for as long as 6-8 weeks. It requires no maintenance. 

Of course, both lash lifting and eyebrow lamination are different but the procedure remains the same. 

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a simple perm of your eyebrows. The procedure creates a fuller and well-defined look like in micro-blading. The process coaxes the eyebrows at a place. make them look fuller and well-defined. They look shinier, smoother, and slicker than your natural eyebrows. The nourishing serum strengthens the existing hair and makes your eyebrow fuller, thicker, and in shape. It’s a natural solution for unruly brows with sparse hair. 

What is Lash Lift?

Lash lift is the same procedure for beautifully lifted lashes. The treatment is for those who want thicker, longer, and almost like curly lashes. 

Vitality Salon offers keratin lash infusion that gives a superior lash lift, the treatment guarantees healthy lashes. The procedure is safe and easy to perform. Vitality uses the best keratin products to carry out the procedure that gives guaranteed results. 

What do Lash Lift & Brow Lamination do?

It’s a whole procedure for natural lashes and unruly brows.  The treatment includes trimming and cleaning the eye. The solutions are used as an adhesive for lifting the eyebrows. Serums are used to open the cuticles of the hair and soften them for the recipient of the keratin. More solutions are applied to fix the hair to a fixed position. Some nutritional serum is applied for hair growth and strengthening. Lastly, hair at brows and lashes are conditioned to become soft and hydrated. The treatment increases the volume of hair, making them fuller and stronger.

It’s a complete procedure that our staff at Vitality Salon is trained to perform on your eyebrows and lashes. Only quality products are used that give a perm effect and set the hair to a place using different solutions.

How long is the lash lift & brow lamination last?

With one treatment, you don’t need any artificial lashes or trimming your brow hairs for up to 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. That means you no longer need to buy any fixing brow gel, artificial lashes or spend hours fixing your brow hair to your desired shape and making your lashes look curly and longer. You can wake up ready to go out without needing to fix your eyebrows or lashes.

Does Lash Lift and Brow lamination ruin your hairs?

That’s an urban myth! Brow lamination is for strengthening and promoting hair growth in the area. It’s like a keratin infusion treatment for brows. The nutritional serums are applied using keratin as their main ingredients. Not only does the procedure make the existing hairs soft and easy to manage but makes your existing hair on brows and lashes strong and fuller.

Benefits of Brow Lamination and Lash Lift

Here are some benefits of brow lamination and lash lift:

Alternative of expensive lash extensions

It’s a perfect alternative to lash extensions. You no longer need fake eyelashes and glue,  leaving lashes dehydrated. So no dealing with fake-looking false lashes or odd-shaped lashes.

No Unruly Eyebrows

It’s a lifesaving procedure for those who have thin eyebrows with little hair that is unruly and takes hours to set at your desired position.

No Damage to your existing lashes

Unlike fake lashes or other hair perms treatments, the procedure, carried out by trained professionals does not damage your existing hair on lashes and brows. On the contrary, it opens the cuticles, applies the moisture, and seals them to remain well hydrated. Lash Lift products condition and nourish full lash giving you healthier lashes and brows. Brow lamination works the same way


You no longer have to spend money on expensive eyelashes or expensive treatments like microblading.

The treatment saves you money. You are good to go without spending a dime on your eyelashes or brows for a good 6-8 weeks.

Natural lashes and brow hairs

No more fake or artificial look with pencil-made thick eyebrows or eyelash extensions. 

Lamination techniques are to enhance and elevate your own hair. So you are investing in the growth and nourishment of your own hair. The procedure treats your natural hair and makes them look good. So you don’t look unnatural or odd at all. 

Maintenance Free

As we said, as long as you are done with the procedure you can wake up with a perfect look. The treatment requires no maintenance or expensive products to tame unruly brow hairs. 

Safe Treatment

Unlike expensive lash extensions or microblading, it’s a perfectly safe treatment that does not require any needle or injecting anything in the skin. 

How We do Lash Lift and Brow Lamination at Vitality Salon?

We have a well-trained staff that carries out the treatment with the best available products. We offer a range of treatments Like Nashi Filler therapies, Hair coloring options like balayage and highlights along with all other skin and hair treatments. We use high-end products and always do a patch test before any brow lamination treatment to ensure the safety of our customers. Our staff is friendly and ready to guide you through each step before to help you understand the procedure and how we carry it out. 

Feel free to book an appointment to know more about the procedure from our professionally trained staff.

Know All About Balayage Hair Colouring Now


Whether you want to uplift your mood, are disappointed with your regular streaks, or simply want to try something new on your hair, Balayage hair colouring is the latest rage in the market. You may have tried too many lighting services, but balayage is something you should consider if you love having a multi-tonal look. 

Balayage is like a freehand painting, and the only difference is that canvas is your hair. If you are considering it another form of a highlight, then you need to rethink. In a few words, Balayage is modern, elegant, and low maintenance. 

At Vitality, we get all sorts of clients who want to change their existing hair color but still want natural hair. We are ready to help you out in picking the right color, texture, and highlights that suit your skin tone. 

This article is designed to explain Balayage. We will be covering everything about the technique. So before further ado, let’s get straight to our topic.

What is Balayage Hair Colouring?

Balayage is a French technique of applying color to your hair to appear more natural and subtle, just like you have been out in the sun. unlike highlights, balayage involves painting your hair freehand with a brush and lightener.

Difference Between Balayage and Foil Highlights

Another common question that comes to our mind is whether balayage hair is just a new fancy name for traditional foil highlights? 

Well, no, Balayage and highlights are two different techniques of hair colour. Both are different: not only in how they look but also in how they are applied to your hair color.

Traditional Highlights are actually picking up a chunk of your hair and putting them in a foil for a lightening service.

It can be low ends, micro-weave, or chunky highlights, or babylights depending on what you and your stylist decide.

Balayage, on the other hand, is more about the effect than the technique. Its impact is more of a surfer girl, a beachy sun-kissed look that makes it more in demand.  And the secret behind this is that we target the hair strands as where the sun hits the hair: the face frame, hair’s natural parts, and the ends. So, as a result, it has a multi-dimensional effect, making it more in demand.

As for the technique, balayage is different from highlights as well. It gives you more artistic freedom to treat the hair the way you want. Like is driven from the French word balayage, which means to sweep. So you are painting with your hands as compared to applying color on a section of hair in foil. 

The best thing about Balayage is it’s suitable for any hair density, tone, and texture. Whether you want a bold and classy look or to cover grey hair or roots, Balayage can give your hair a completely new and beautiful look. 

Balayage allows you as much customization as you require. That’s what you and your stylist have to discuss. 

We at Vitality like to hear from our clients how they envision their final look. We strongly recommend you bring some photos to better discuss some color options we can consider.

You can have a super subtle effect with just a few shades popping up from your hair, or if you want a bold and modern look with high contrasts, it works for you as well.  

The key to balayage is its natural look as you play with the light and dark textures. 

Who should have Balayage?

Everyone can have balayage, to be precise. The best thing about balayage is that it’s for everyone. Whether you have curly hair, color-treated hair, darker hair; Balayage has a universal appeal. It works well with all hair types and suits all skin tones and hair colors. 

A typical misconception about Balayage is that it suits only blonds. But that’s not true, and it suits all hair colors, red, brunette or blond. And it can be adapted to any color length as well. 

Balayage is also a great option for those going for color for the first time as it merges with the original color foundation and gives them a new dimension.

Balayage works on any hair length. It typically looks excellent with long textured hairs, but you can apply it to any hair length. 

Is Balayage suitable for covering your grey hair?

The shortest answer to this question is yes, but it depends on how your stylist targets your grey hair. Balayage is a great way to hide your grey hairs as it allows us to target your grey strands without touching the scalp. 

However,  Balayage alone is not the best choice for covering your grey roots.  As it does not cover your root ends, and that is where the grey hair starts.  That pretty much means even if you have balayage, you will be going to the salon more often to retouch your roots, and that’s not what we also want, as Balayage is a more lightening effect, so that makes it more difficult to hide your roots if you have dark brown hair color. 

So if you are looking to disguise a few grey strands, balayage works great for you. But if you are looking for full coverage, you might better look at other coloring options.

How Long Does Balayage Hair Colour Last?

The best part about balayage is that it’s very low maintenance; unlike highlights or other lightening techniques where you have to have frequent sessions to retouch the tone, balayage gives you an extended time between salon sessions. You can easily leave them as it is for up to four-five months.

Balayage VS Ombre? 

Balayage and ombre have different highlighting techniques. Ombre is another French word that means a “shade” or “shadow.” So Ombre is a shadowing method that smoothly combines two shades, with hair usually darker at the roots and steadily fading into a lighter hue at the ends. Transitioning is horizontal and well-defined. 

So the difference between balayage and ombre is that it’s mixing two techniques. The hairs will have dark to light shading along with the wave of colors on mid-shaft and ends.

What Are Different Types of Balayage Hair?

There are different types of balayage, and it depends on what suits your skin tone or what you and your stylist choose for you. You can go from the full balayage to a partial one, subtle balayage, foliage, or a reverse balayage to babylights. 

There are multiple other types of balayage suiting different textures and tones. 

How We Do It At Vitality Salon?

We at Vitality have experts who are willing to guide you through each step. We are happy to discuss the type of balayage you have dreamed of in your hair. We will discuss the kind of balayage you want at our hair salon. Whether you need to blend it with other lighting techniques, your natural hair color, or with natural-looking highlights, ask for a balayage appointment and we will give you a perfect blend of shades and colors that will completely change how you look at yourself.