Know All About Balayage Hair Colouring Now

Whether you want to uplift your mood, are disappointed with your regular streaks, or simply want to try something new on your hair, Balayage hair colouring is the latest rage in the market. You may have tried too many lighting services, but balayage is something you should consider if you love having a multi-tonal look. 

Balayage is like a freehand painting, and the only difference is that canvas is your hair. If you are considering it another form of a highlight, then you need to rethink. In a few words, Balayage is modern, elegant, and low maintenance. 

At Vitality, we get all sorts of clients who want to change their existing hair color but still want natural hair. We are ready to help you out in picking the right color, texture, and highlights that suit your skin tone. 

This article is designed to explain Balayage. We will be covering everything about the technique. So before further ado, let’s get straight to our topic.

What is Balayage Hair Colouring?

Balayage is a French technique of applying color to your hair to appear more natural and subtle, just like you have been out in the sun. unlike highlights, balayage involves painting your hair freehand with a brush and lightener.

Difference Between Balayage and Foil Highlights

Another common question that comes to our mind is whether balayage hair is just a new fancy name for traditional foil highlights? 

Well, no, Balayage and highlights are two different techniques of hair colour. Both are different: not only in how they look but also in how they are applied to your hair color.

Traditional Highlights are actually picking up a chunk of your hair and putting them in a foil for a lightening service.

It can be low ends, micro-weave, or chunky highlights, or babylights depending on what you and your stylist decide.

Balayage, on the other hand, is more about the effect than the technique. Its impact is more of a surfer girl, a beachy sun-kissed look that makes it more in demand.  And the secret behind this is that we target the hair strands as where the sun hits the hair: the face frame, hair’s natural parts, and the ends. So, as a result, it has a multi-dimensional effect, making it more in demand.

As for the technique, balayage is different from highlights as well. It gives you more artistic freedom to treat the hair the way you want. Like is driven from the French word balayage, which means to sweep. So you are painting with your hands as compared to applying color on a section of hair in foil. 

The best thing about Balayage is it’s suitable for any hair density, tone, and texture. Whether you want a bold and classy look or to cover grey hair or roots, Balayage can give your hair a completely new and beautiful look. 

Balayage allows you as much customization as you require. That’s what you and your stylist have to discuss. 

We at Vitality like to hear from our clients how they envision their final look. We strongly recommend you bring some photos to better discuss some color options we can consider.

You can have a super subtle effect with just a few shades popping up from your hair, or if you want a bold and modern look with high contrasts, it works for you as well.  

The key to balayage is its natural look as you play with the light and dark textures. 

Who should have Balayage?

Everyone can have balayage, to be precise. The best thing about balayage is that it’s for everyone. Whether you have curly hair, color-treated hair, darker hair; Balayage has a universal appeal. It works well with all hair types and suits all skin tones and hair colors. 

A typical misconception about Balayage is that it suits only blonds. But that’s not true, and it suits all hair colors, red, brunette or blond. And it can be adapted to any color length as well. 

Balayage is also a great option for those going for color for the first time as it merges with the original color foundation and gives them a new dimension.

Balayage works on any hair length. It typically looks excellent with long textured hairs, but you can apply it to any hair length. 

Is Balayage suitable for covering your grey hair?

The shortest answer to this question is yes, but it depends on how your stylist targets your grey hair. Balayage is a great way to hide your grey hairs as it allows us to target your grey strands without touching the scalp. 

However,  Balayage alone is not the best choice for covering your grey roots.  As it does not cover your root ends, and that is where the grey hair starts.  That pretty much means even if you have balayage, you will be going to the salon more often to retouch your roots, and that’s not what we also want, as Balayage is a more lightening effect, so that makes it more difficult to hide your roots if you have dark brown hair color. 

So if you are looking to disguise a few grey strands, balayage works great for you. But if you are looking for full coverage, you might better look at other coloring options.

How Long Does Balayage Hair Colour Last?

The best part about balayage is that it’s very low maintenance; unlike highlights or other lightening techniques where you have to have frequent sessions to retouch the tone, balayage gives you an extended time between salon sessions. You can easily leave them as it is for up to four-five months.

Balayage VS Ombre? 

Balayage and ombre have different highlighting techniques. Ombre is another French word that means a “shade” or “shadow.” So Ombre is a shadowing method that smoothly combines two shades, with hair usually darker at the roots and steadily fading into a lighter hue at the ends. Transitioning is horizontal and well-defined. 

So the difference between balayage and ombre is that it’s mixing two techniques. The hairs will have dark to light shading along with the wave of colors on mid-shaft and ends.

What Are Different Types of Balayage Hair?

There are different types of balayage, and it depends on what suits your skin tone or what you and your stylist choose for you. You can go from the full balayage to a partial one, subtle balayage, foliage, or a reverse balayage to babylights. 

There are multiple other types of balayage suiting different textures and tones. 

How We Do It At Vitality Salon?

We at Vitality have experts who are willing to guide you through each step. We are happy to discuss the type of balayage you have dreamed of in your hair. We will discuss the kind of balayage you want at our hair salon. Whether you need to blend it with other lighting techniques, your natural hair color, or with natural-looking highlights, ask for a balayage appointment and we will give you a perfect blend of shades and colors that will completely change how you look at yourself. 

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